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YSF Keynote Speakers

Five keynote talks will be delivered during the 19th FEBS Young Scientists' Forum by distinguished scientists:

Eric Westhof, professor emeritus at the University of Strasbourg, France, is at the Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire in the unit Architecture et Réactivité de l’ARN of the CNRS. He is an executive editor of Nucleic Acids Research, the RNA Journal, the Journal of Molecular Recognition and BBRC. He is a member of EMBO, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher LEOPOLDINA, Academia Europaea, and the French Académie des Sciences. His research activities are centred on the evolution and recognition functions of RNA architectures.

Opening Lecture: 'Ribosomal decoding and control over translation'

Agnieszka Chacinska is Director and a research group leader of the Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Poland. Her interests focus on biogenesis, transport and degradation of mitochondrial proteins and their failure resulting in pathologies, with her research exploring links between transport of mitochondrial proteins and cellular protein homeostasis. She is the recipient of multiple awards and prestigious grants, and a member of The Polish Academy of Sciences, EMBO and Academia Europaea.

Keynote Lecture: 'Cellular stress management: the case of mitochondria'

Jonathan Heddle is the head of the Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Poland. He is interested in understanding, designing and building artificial and natural nanostructures composed of biological molecules. His research includes elements of structural biology, chemistry and mathematics amongst others.

Keynote Lecture: 'Synthetic structural biology – designing and building unusual protein assemblies'

Michaël Ryckelynck is an associate professor at the University of Strasbourg with expertise in both RNA biology and droplet-based microfluidics. In 2016 he founded the team 'Digital Biology of RNA' (UPR 9002-Architecture and Reactivity of RNA-IBMC; Strasbourg), which he has led since then. The team is now well renowned for its expertise in microfluidic-assisted functional screening of RNA libraries, especially for the discovery of new fluorogenic RNA aptamers, and has also recently developed several new microfluidic-based single-cell analytical technologies.

Keynote Lecture: 'Ultrahigh-throughput characterization and handling of RNA molecules using droplet microfluidics'

Isabel Fariñas is professor in Cell Biology and director of the Molecular Neurobiology Unit at the University of Valencia, Spain. She has studied actions of neurotrophins and GDNF, and currently focuses on the niche biology of neural stem cells (NSCs), with her group describing the first "angiocrine" factor, the so-called PEDF, and helping to establish that blood vessels are a key element of neurogenic niches. She is a board member of the Spanish Society of Developmental Biology and is a member of EMBO. 

Closing Lecture:  'Remote signalling in stem cell biology'

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