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ICE Kraków Congress Centre

The 44th FEBS Congress will take place in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, which opened in 2014. The venue is adapted to the requirements of international congress associations, meets the highest acoustic standards and provides state-of-the-art exhibition technologies. The centre’s location in the heart of the city of Kraków means access to the finest infrastructure in Małopolska: prestigious venue, numerous hotels and restaurants, and an extensive commercial and service base.

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre has three main halls: the Auditorium, the Theatre Hall and the Chamber Hall, with a capacity of 1915, 594 and 300, respectively. The Auditorium, with a vineyard-style audience and its state-of-the-art technological and architectural solutions, is one of the finest concert and congress halls in the country. The second largest, Theatre Hall, has a modular stage, making it possible to expand the floor space when the room is used for banquets or exhibitions. The smallest, Chamber Hall, uses mobile acoustic panels which can be used to divide it into two rooms with a capacity of 150 each. The Conference Hall Complex with its moving panels and glazed three-storey foyer means guests can admire the city panorama and the Wawel Royal Castle.

ICE Kraków also has a car park on the ground level, a coach bay, a bicycle park and a two-level underground car park with 319 spaces. The nearest public transport stop is just 50 metres from the entrance, and the venue can be reached by five tram lines and 20 bus routes. ICE Kraków is just 20 minutes from the airport and around a quarter of an hour from the main railway and bus station in the centre of Kraków.

All picture credits: Wojciech Wandzel


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