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PTBioch – The Polish Biochemical Society

The Polish Biochemical Society (PTBioch) was officially established on March 22nd, 1958, and became a member of FEBS on January 1st, 1964. Membership in the organization is open to the entirety of the Polish biochemical community; however, foreign scientists are also welcome.

The aim of PTBioch is to promote and support all aspects of biochemical research in Poland. In order to achieve these aims, PTBioch organizes conferences, scientific discussions, and meetings, including regular Annual Meetings hosted by one of the regional branches of the Society, and Parnas Conferences – trilateral, Polish–Ukrainian–Israeli events dedicated to Jakub Karol Parnas.

PTBioch also offers a variety of awards for researchers: for the best piece of research in biochemistry carried out in a Polish laboratory (Jakub K. Parnas Prize); for the best review article published in "Advances in Biochemistry" (Boleslaw Skarzynski Prize); for the best research paper presented by a young scientist during the Annual Scientific Meeting (Wlodzimierz Mozolowski Prize); for the best poster presented by a student during the Annual Scientific Meeting (Janina Opienska-Blauth Prize); for outstanding achievements in biochemical education (Antoni Dmochowski Prize); for outstanding achievements in popularization of biochemistry (Bronislaw Filipowicz Prize); for the best piece of research in chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids accomplished in Poland (Annual Prize).

PTBioch publishes two scientific periodicals: Acta Biochimica Polonica – a quarterly journal in English, and Advances in Biochemistry – a quarterly review journal in Polish, featuring English summaries.

For more information, please visit the PTBioch website: www.ptbioch.edu.pl

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