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Poster Guidelines

Posters will be hung only on the day when the relevant poster session will take place.

We have planned 4 poster sessions during this year’s Congress:

  • Sunday, July 7, 15:00-16:15,
  • Monday, July 8, 14:45-16:15,
  • Tuesday, July 9, 14:45-16:15
  • Wednesday, July 10, 14:45-16:15

Please find below the list of the topics for each poster session:

7th July, Sunday

15:00-15:40 - posters with an odd-numbered suffix (-001, -003, -005, …)

15:40-16:15 - posters with an even-numbered suffix (-002, -004, -006, …)

P.01-XXX or LB.01-XXX: Molecular mechanism of inflammation-related diseases - POSTER AREA 1      

P.02-XXX or LB.02-XXX: DNA variation - POSTER AREA 1

P.03-XXX or LB.03-XXX: Cardiovascular diseases - POSTER AREA 2

P.04-XXX or LB.04-XXX: Intracellular ion channels and transporters - POSTER AREA 2

P.05-XXX or LB.05-XXX: RNA processing - POSTER AREA 2

P.06-XXX or LB.06-XXX: Signal transduction - POSTER AREA 1

P.07-XXX or LB.07-XXX: Mitochondria and signaling - POSTER AREA 2

P.08-XXX or LB.08-XXX: DNA architecture - POSTER AREA 1     

P.09-XXX or LB.09-XXX: RNA transcription - POSTER AREA 1

8th July, Monday

14:45-15:30 - posters with an odd-numbered suffix (-001, -003, -005, …)

15:30-16:15 - posters with an even-numbered suffix (-002, -004, -006, …)

P.10-XXX or LB.10-XXX: DNA editing and modification - POSTER AREA 1    

P.11-XXX or LB.11-XXX: RNA transport and translation - POSTER AREA 1

P.12-XXX or LB.12-XXX: Single cell analysis and imaging - POSTER AREA 1

P.13-XXX or LB.13-XXX: Calcium and ROS signalling - POSTER AREA 2

P.14-XXX or LB.14-XXX: Sulfur metabolism and cellular regulation - POSTER AREA 2

P.15-XXX or LB.15-XXX: Molecular neurobiology - POSTER AREA 1

P.16-XXX or LB.16-XXX: RNA turnover - POSTER AREA 2

P.17-XXX or LB.17-XXX: Cytoskeleton and molecular mechanisms of motility - POSTERA AREA 2      

P.18-XXX or LB.18-XXX: Rare diseases - POSTER AREA 1

P.36-XXX or LB.36-XXX: Bionanotechnology - POSTER AREA 2

P.40-XXX or LB.40-XXX: Education, training, and career planning in molecular life sciences - POSTER AREA 2

P.41-XXX or LB.41-XXX: General topics - varia - POSTER AREA 1

9th July, Tuesday

14:45-15:30 - posters with an odd-numbered suffix (-001, -003, -005, …)

15:30-16:15 - posters with an even-numbered suffix (-002, -004, -006, …)

P.19-XXX or LB.19-XXX: Signaling in brain cancer - POSTER AREA 2

P.20-XXX or LB.20-XXX: Synthetic biopolymers for biomedicine - POSTER AREA 2

P.21-XXX or LB.21-XXX: Integrative approaches to structural and synthetic biology - POSTER AREA 2

P.22-XXX or LB.22-XXX: Induced pluripotent cells - POSTER AREA 2       

P.23-XXX or LB.23-XXX: Long noncoding RNA - POSTER AREA 2

P.24-XXX or LB.24-XXX: Neurodegeneration - POSTER AREA 2  

P.25-XXX or LB.25-XXX: Cell therapy and regenerative medicine - POSTER AREA 1

P.26-XXX or LB.26-XXX: Small noncoding RNA - POSTER AREA 2

P.35-XXX or LB.35-XXX: Cell signaling in tumor biology - POSTER AREA 1

10th July, Wednesday

14:45-15:30 - posters with an odd-numbered suffix (-001, -003, -005, …)

15:30-16:15 - posters with an even-numbered suffix (-002, -004, -006, …)

P.27-XXX or LB.27-XXX: Proteins – structure, disorder and dynamics - POSTER AREA 1 

P.28-XXX or LB.28-XXX: Plant biotechnology - POSTER AREA 1     

P.29-XXX or LB.29-XXX: Natural networks and systems - POSTER AREA 2

P.30-XXX or LB.30-XXX: RNA in pathogenesis and therapy - POSTER AREA 2

P.31-XXX or LB.31-XXX: Molecular biology of aging - POSTER AREA 2      

P.32-XXX or LB.32-XXX: Plant–environment interaction - POSTER AREA 1

P.33-XXX or LB.33-XXX: Synthetic networks and systems - POSTER AREA 2

P.34-XXX or LB.34-XXX: Multicomponent complexes - POSTER AREA 2

P.37-XXX or LB.37-XXX: Epigenetics and protein glycosylation - POSTER AREA 2

P.38-XXX or LB.38-XXX: Genome editing (CRISPR) - POSTER AREA 2 

P.39-XXX or LB.39-XXX: Proteomic technologies - POSTER AREA 2

Attended poster sessions

Presenting authors should be available at their poster to explain and discuss their work to interested participants during the relevant poster sessions.

Your poster notation will be available at the end of April in the Congress website’s registration/abstract system after logging in when you preview your abstract. From the end of June, you can also find it via the Abstract Search tool on the website and the FEBS 2019 Congress mobile app

Mounting your poster

The poster area will be open from 8:00 for mounting of posters each day when the poster session takes place. Mounting materials will be available at the poster helpdesk.  All posters should be set up no later than the first coffee break (11:00) and remain in place till the end of the scientific program that day.

Posters must be hung at the board number corresponding to your abstract notation in the Congress website and app. There will be stewards to assist you. Note that poster boards will each display four poster notations on a top corner, corresponding to the posters to be hung there in turn on the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the event.

Removing your poster

Please remove your poster after the end of the scientific program that day when the poster session takes place. Posters not removed by the indicated time above will be dismantled and destroyed.

Preparing your poster

Posters will be displayed in portrait format.
The dimensions of the poster should not exceed 90 cm wide x 140 cm high.
Abstract title, author(s) and affiliation(s) should appear at the top of the poster.
The text, illustrations, etc. should be readable from a distance of two meters.

Finding and viewing posters

Accepted abstracts will be available online just prior to the conference on the Congress website (via the abstract search tool), the Congress app, and, if submitted by the March deadline, the FEBS Open Bio supplement of abstracts, to enable participants to comfortably decide which posters to visit. This is explained in more detail in the news post here.

In addition, delegates can make a 1-minute video about their poster for the FEBS Network – see the details here.

FEBS Press Poster Prizes

FEBS Press poster prizes for outstanding scientific posters at the FEBS Congress will be awarded by The FEBS Journal, FEBS Letters, Molecular Oncology and FEBS Open Bio. More details can be found here.

Poster printing

The Congress organizers are offering the possibility to print your poster out onsite. To avoid carrying the poster all the way from your home and any possible damage or loss, you may send us your poster via e-mail and we will print it out for you. You can then easily pick it up at the poster helpdesk onsite.

Authors interested in the printing service should send their posters in PDF format (printing quality) to email. Once your poster is checked, our personnel will get back to you with a confirmation. For posters sent in advance (received and paid by 4th July), the price for this printing service is 45 EUR


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FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.