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We invite all of the Congress participants to enjoy the city of Krakow and its surroundings!

is currently the largest company in Krakow offering services in the area of organising local excursions for foreign tourists. Several years of hard work and a professional approach to individual tourism has led to SeeKrakow today having a few hundred agents, its own network of tourist information centres (run under the brand KrakowTIP), and buses with our logo may be seen every day on many streets where Krakow hotels are located. 
Our services have been provided for over 1 000 000 tourists since 2005.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Full of unique beauty and active continuously since the Middle Ages – the historic Wieliczka Salt Mine is visited by tourists every day, showing the most amazing works of art sculpted throughout the many centuries of laborious miners’ work. The underground Wieliczka Salt Mine boasts kilometres of walkways and ramps, magnificent chambers, lakes and breathtaking salt statues. Modern technology can also be come across along the route to educate those eager to learn more about the Mine. The smell of salt wafting through the air, therapeutic microclimate, impressive chambers, wooden structures and perfection to the tiniest detail – the charms of the Tourist Route attract and enrapture over one million visitors travelling every year from different parts of the world. Many people are taken aback by how huge the Mine is. It is hard to imagine – the Tourist Route involves almost 800 steps to climb and over 2 kilometres of meandering corridors. The tour lasts 2 hours, although this part of the Mine makes up for only 1% of the entire underground world! Hence, the tourists are guided by an experienced museum guide – we advise you to follow the group closely and keep an eye on the guide at all times!

The Wieliczka Salt Mine was one of the first among 12 sites from all around the world to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most frequently visited tourist sites in the world!

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

In 1939, after the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the loss of the defensive war by the Polish army, all the western regions of Poland, including the town of Oświęcim, were annexed by the Third Reich. The town was renamed as Auschwitz and the same name was given to a complex of concentration and extermination camps that were built there. The history of the Auschwitz concentration camp can be divided into two primary periods: the years 1940-1942, when it functioned as a concentration camp and a place of slow extermination, and the years 1942-1944, when it was transformed into the biggest centre of immediate mass extermination of Jews, who had been transported into the camp under the policy conducted by the Third Reich that assumed the extermination of the entire Jewish population in Europe. It is estimated that over 1.1 million women, men and children died in the camp during these four years. Around 90% of casualties were Jews brought there from all the European countries that were occupied by Germany or situated in the zone of German influence. Most of them were put to death in gas chambers and others were victims of brutal punishments, medical experiments or inhumane living conditions in the camp. A visit to the Auschwitz Museum allows you to learn about the cruel fate of these people and to broaden your historical knowledge of the Holocaust.

Kraków Underground Museum – guided tour

While walking around Kraków’s Main Market Square, many people are not aware of the true treasure underneath. Join us in the mysterious, underground world, where you can explore the oldest history of the most important public space in Kraków – the Main Market Square. Thanks to the work of archaeologists, 6,000 square meters of the underground Market Square have been made available to the general public to showcase the city’s 1000-year old history. Wandering down the ancient roads among reconstructed huts, a blacksmith’s workshop and the foundations of the first Cloth Hall from the early medieval period, one can almost hear the sounds of life that were filling the air many centuries ago. Additional attractions of the tour are the multimedia show and the exhibit of authentic objects from Kraków’s historical past that were unearthed during archaeological excavations.
The “Following the Traces of European Identity of Kraków” exhibition was opened in September 2010. The archeological works that were planned to take a few months lasted for five years, initiating the exhibit in 2005. Owing to the archaeological discoveries, we are now able to explore the ancient history of the region, and especially town life.

Kraków Old Town Walking Tour

The Royal Road is a picturesque route leading along some of the most famous streets and passing some of the most prominent tenement houses of the historic centre of Krakow. The route beginning at St. Florian’s Gate continues across the Main Square to end at the foot of the Wawel complex. It is a must-see for all tourists visiting the former capital of Poland. The city tour begins on the Main Square, at the exit of Grodzka street. The tourists will meet there by the small Church of St. Wojciech that traces its history to the pre-Romanesque period. A leisurely walk down the route of the centuries-old architecture of Krakow leads to the legends surrounding the Main Square, the Cloth Hall and the famous St. Mary’s Basilica with the distinctive two towers. The trip along the Royal Road will end at the foot of the Wawel Castle – the residence of the kings of Poland in the days of greatest glory until the 17th century.

Jewish Quarter – Kraków Walking Tour

An unusual trip – as the locals say – to Kazimierz is an opportunity to see the beauty of the Jewish district, fraught with quaint narrow streets, tenement houses and coffee shops, where people from around the world meet every day. The story of “the city inside the city” reports the historic events the Jewish residents of the Kazimierz district and of the city of Krakow had to face. During the guided walk, the tourists will be shown the lively everyday reality of the “unfinished city” and told the story of the heroes of the Kazimierz district commemorating their experience. The itinerary of the guided walk includes exploration of historic tenements houses, artistic coffee shops, Jewish synagogues (e.g. the Old Synagogue, the Tempel Synagogue and the Izaak Jakubowicz Synagogue) and a visit to the New Jewish Cemetery. Finally, the group will go to the Podgórze district on the other side of Vistula, where they will learn about the history of the Krakow Ghetto while visiting the former Enamel Factory of Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of hundreds of Poles and Jews during the Nazi extermination.

Schindler’s Factory guided tour

Oskar Schindler’s Factory Museum was officially opened to the visitors in June 2010, after many years of exhibit script writing and preparations. The Museum housed in the authentic Enamel Factory of Oskar Schindler shows the visitors the wartime events taking place in the city and the tragic fate of its inhabitants. The “Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939–1945” exhibition is a chronological eyewitness report from the Second World War. Theatrical reconstructions of the authentic city space by means of photographs, films and items from Nazi-occupied Krakow metaphorically embrace the city’s wartime history, leaving a memory of the heroes in the visitors’ minds. An opportunity to enter the tram in the window of which a film about the city life is showed, a roam along cobbled streets or a walk through the crowded labyrinth of a ghetto with the living conditions of Jews reconstructed – this is only a fraction of what the trip participants will experience.

Taste of Poland. Food Tour

When discovering Polish tastes, tourists will visit the best Kraków restaurants where the 10 most popular dishes of Polish cuisine will be served to them. The meeting will start in the vibrant city centre, in which tourists will taste the most popular and beloved Kraków snack – a braided ring-shaped bread called ‘obwarzanek’. Tourists will take a walk down the cobblestone streets of the Old Town to the city’s oldest market square. On the spot they will taste fresh smoked cheese called ‘oscypek’ traditional sausage, sauerkraut and the famous pickled cucumbers. After the visit to the market square, tourists will go to a restaurant, where they will taste typical Polish dishes such as quark (‘twaróg’), lard, Old Polish sour rye soup (‘zurek’) or tomato soup (either of the two) and compote. After tasting the dinner dishes, the group will visit a confectionery to experience some sweet moments with a ‘kremówka’ cake and a cup of delicious coffee. At the end of the tour, tourists will head for a special shop in which will be held a tasting of excellent liqueurs. During the tour, the group will be accompanied by a guide who will tell tourists about the secrets of Polish cuisine, local culture and the influence of history on the development of the Polish catering trade.

Segway tours

We encourage you to get to know the most beautiful places and historic sites of Kraków in a particularly exciting way! During the tour on segways, tourists will learn the unusual history of the city, discover the charms of the enchanting architecture of Kraków, and hear a few interesting facts about local culture – and everything will take place in the atmosphere of positive emotions and unforgettable fun. Sightseeing on segways is a unique and safe way of spending time that is becoming popular among tourists who want to discover the heritage of the city they are visiting. The tourists for whom this will be the first segway ride in their life do not have to be afraid – each tour is preceded by a short lesson during which the guide explains the rules of operation of a segway, gives tourists some time to acquire driving skills, and the tour begins only when all participants feel confident. The tour gives the possibility of sightseeing the Old Town or Kazimierz, or both of these places.

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