Introducing the FEBS Medal Lecturers

Christine Mummery, Mathias Uhlen and Gunter Meister are now featured on the FEBS Network.

FEBS awards three medals for outstanding achievements in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or related sciences to distinguished senior scientists: the Datta medal, the Sir Hans Krebs medal, and the Theodor Bücher medal. The 2019 awardees – Christine Mummery, Mathias Uhlen and Gunter Meister, respectively – will be presented with their medals and deliver plenary lectures at the 44th FEBS Congress. Ahead of the event, they share something of their research highlights, motivations and approaches in posts on the FEBS Network.

FEBS Network posts:

Christine Mummery: "That’s the best bit – brainstorming about the results of experiments, figuring out what they might mean and planning the next steps."

Mathias Uhlen"A large part of the cutting-edge research in biology and medicine is technology..."

Gunter Meister: "We are currently experiencing a really exciting period of RNA biology”

FEBS Medal Lectures at the 44th FEBS Congress:

FEBS Datta Lecture: Human pluripotent stem cell models of cardiac and vascular disease, Christine Mummery, Monday 8 July

FEBS Sir Hans Krebs Lecture: The Human Protein Atlas – implications for human biology, drug development and precision medicine, Mathias Uhlen, Monday 8 July

FEBS Theodor Bücher Lecture: Regulation of gene expression by RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNAs, Gunter Meister, Tuesday 9 July

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