Congratulations to the journal-selected poster prizewinners

Thank you for the wide range of excellent posters at FEBS 2019, and well done to...

In recognition of the contribution of posters to the event, FEBS Press journals and the Biochemical Journal awarded daily mini-prizes and, from these, announced overall winners at the Closing Ceremony.

From a shortlist of posters chosen by journal editors on the basis of submitted abstracts, a panel of jurors viewed the displayed posters and talked to the presenters. They looked for high-quality and exciting research presented in a clear and appealing manner. The overall winners selected by the journals were:

FEBS Letters:
Gαq activation induces mitochondrial arrest by interacting with Alex3, Miro1 and Trak1/2 proteins
PRESENTER: Ismael Izquierdo Villalba (Spain) (pictured)

The FEBS Journal:
Structural basis for DNA recognition by FoxH1 pioneer transcription factor
PRESENTER: Radoslaw Pluta (Spain)

FEBS Open Bio:
Single-molecule Slimfield microscopy for real-time dissection of protein-protein interactions, stoichiometry and mobility directly in live eukaryotic cells
PRESENTER: Sviatlana Shashkova (UK)

Molecular Oncology:
CDK6 is an essential signaling node in JAK2V617F-mutant MPN
PRESENTER: Barbara Maurer (Austria)

Biochemical Journal:
Pop2 phosphorylation at S39 is important for Pop2 to repress the expression of stress response genes, HSP12 and HSP26, upon glucose availability.
PRESENTER: Thi Minh Viet Nguyen (Japan)

And here is a list of all the daily prizewinners:

Lipid-derived loss of pancreatic β-cell identity – the role of stearoyl Co-A desaturase 1
PRESENTER: Aneta Dobosz (Poland)

A Novel Regulatory Mechanism of p38 MAPK by Protein Arginine Methylation Impacts Erythroid Differentiation
PRESENTER: Mei-Yin Liu (Taiwan)

Quantitative proteomic screen revealed MTRES as a factor preventing stress-induced transcription deficiency in human mitochondria
PRESENTER: Anna Kotrys (Poland)

DNA origami nanocapsules for controllable cargo accessibility
PRESENTER: Yusuke Sakai (Poland)

Targeting RSK4 prevents both chemoresistance and metastasis in lung and bladder cancer
PRESENTER: Filippo Prischi (UK)

Hippocampal proteomics of mouse prion disease: unravelling disease networks and understanding the mechanism of disease-modifying ligands
PRESENTER: Louis Dwomoh (UK)

High-throughput functional screening for PTEN-cooperating tumour suppressor networks in prostate cancer
PRESENTER: Jorge de la Rosa (UK)

Muc17 functional maturation and expression in intestine is age-dependent
PRESENTER: Elena Layunta (Sweden)

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